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Integrated Library Systems (ILS) for non-profits

Identifying and purchasing an integrated library system is a challenging experience! There are lots of systems out there and they range in price. If you’re purchasing a new ILS for your non-profit or small special library – be prepared!

I will be writing a “string” of posts on this subject, so that I’m not bombarding you with a lot of information at once. I just went through this process for my place of work (MPOW) so will discuss my experience during this selection process.

Below are the basic steps that you’ll go through (or I would recommend that you go through) to select your system. I will discuss each item in a separate post. 

1. Identify your current needs and explore your long-term vision
2. Identify your resources (budget, human resources, technological capacity)
3. Research and identify systems
4. Develop an RFP
5. Request demos
6. Test systems
7. Request references and conduct interviews
8. Select your system
9. Negotiate
10. Sign the deal!


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