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Rabbit and Bear Paws Volume 2: The Voyageurs

I referred to Rabbit and Bear Paws in a previous post and here’s some more news about them!

Volume 2 of Rabbit and Bear Paws (entitled “The Voyageurs”) will be released soon. As well, they’re issuing a Teacher’s Guide for Volume 1 (entitled “The Sugar Bush”) shortly!

On another note, Little Spirit Bear Productions (the creator of Rabbit and Bear Paws), in partnership with Good Minds, also give back to the community…reciprocity. More recently, Little Spirit Bear Productions commissioned the creation of a social Big Drum to present as a gift at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival (December 2007). More about this is on the Rabbit and Bear Paws blog.

So, lots of activity going on for Chad Solomon and Little Spirit Bear Productions. This is great to see!


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