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Redwire Magazine Call for Submissions

Redwire Native Youth Media Society is

[…] a media and arts organization dedicated to Native youth expression.

Redwire Magazine published its first issue in April 1997 with the support of the Native Youth Movement (a grassroots Native youth group) and the Environmental Youth Alliance. Today Redwire distributes 11,000 copies across Canada, four times a year. Redwire is the first-ever Native youth run magazine in Canada, and is committed to operating with Native youth staff, writers, artists and publishers.

Redwire’s mandate is to provide Native youth with an uncensored forum for discussion, in order to help youth find their own voice. Redwire is by, for and about Native youth; all content, editorial decisions and associated media projects are initiated and led by youth, inspiring creativity, motivation and action.

Redwire has put out a call for submissions for an upcoming issue of Redwire Magazine. See below for the details (text taken directly from message received from their Facebook group).

Redwire Magazine Technology Issue Submissions CALL OUT!!!

Redwire Magazine wants to hear what you have to say.

Our next issue is going to focus on technology in the Indigenous world.

We are looking for articles, poetry, letters, artwork, photos and stories about Indigenous peoples and the negative and positive sides of technology as a tool.

If you know anyone who uses technologies for their schooling or work or you know of technology having detrimental effects on your communities please feel free to write about it and send it to us here at REDWIRE MAGAZINE!!

Your views and opinions are important to us and we feel sharing these ideas will create a dialogue and raise awareness of issues that effect you and your respective communities.

An average article runs at about 750-1500 words and can be sent to: editor(at)redwiremag.com
Artwork and photos must be scanned at least at 300dpi and can be sent to: artsdirector(at)redwiremag.com

Or you can send them by snail mail to:
Redwire Magazine
P.O. BOX 2042
Station Main Terminal
Vancouver BC V6B 3R6
(phone) 604 602 7226
(fax) 604 602 7276

On behalf of the staff here at Redwire Magazine I thank you for your time and concern and we hope to hear from you and see your work soon!!!

Hychga / Thank you!!!

Ron Dean Harris / Ostwelve / Kwe-la / Mlo:hyleq
Redwire Magazine


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