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Take note librarians everywhere – community engagement and library spaces

Here is a perfect example of community engagement in library space creation – from the Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Center, Library and Museum. They have generously shared a video documenting the creation of this incredible mural. The video is 19 minutes long, and worth every minute. A description of the project and the story told through the mural panels is also provided. What a meaningful and beautiful accomplishment – by all involved. Wow!


Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT)

Just a note to let you know that the Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) has launched a new website. If you are not familiar with the NAPT, they “share Native stories with the world through support of the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media”.  You can subscribe to their RSS feed or email newsletter, visit their blogs or discussion forum, and become a fan of their Facebook page or MySpace pageIf you’re looking for some good resources for your library collection, be sure to check out VisionMaker Video, a service of the NAPT.

Aboriginal Film Festivals – Put up an announcement at your library today!

For some strange reason I’ve been thinking a lot about spring, summer and fall lately! It must be the freezing cold weather here in Winnipeg! Anyhow, when I think about the seasons without snow I am reminded of all of the great entertainment. There are the folk festivals, concerts, heritage events, outdoor plays and much, much more. Did I forget to mention the Aboriginal film festivals?! No way! Now those provide GREAT entertainment.

Though many of these festivals are yet months away, I thought I’d compile and share a list of them on my blog…just in case you want to start saving your money to attend one of them or to create an announcement to post at your library.  If I’ve missed one, please let me know.



United States

Endangered Language Fund

The Endangered Language Fund

“was founded ten years ago with the goal of supporting endangered language preservation and documentation projects. Our main mechanism for supporting work on endangered languages has been funding grants to individuals, tribes, and museums. ELF’s 97 grants have promoted work in over 30 countries and have seen a wide range of projects, from the development indigenous radio programs in South Dakota, to recording of the last living oral historian of the Shor language of western Siberia, to the establishment of orthographies and literacy materials to be used by endangered language teaching programs all over the world.” (text taken directly from the website) 

I stumbled on this site while doing one thing that I love…surfing!! Anyhow, not only do they have a 2009 Call for Proposals, they also have a nice list of resources on Indigenous language revitalization and a language archive.

New content on the First Peoples’ Libraries Wiki

A substantial amount of new content has been added to the First Peoples’ Libraries Wiki under the “Collections” area. This includes:

The majority of the links listed within each section are based in Canada. If you know of US-based publishers and distributors, news resources, etc., consider signing up to the wiki and contributing!

Advocacy for Tribal Libraries – Sandy Littletree

Sandy Littletree delivered a presentation on advocacy for tribal libraries at the recent gathering of Arizona Tribal Libraries. A big thank you goes to Kelly Webster for sharing this information.

Call for Papers and Panelists: Multicultural to Intercultural: Libraries Connecting Communities

The IFLA Section on Library Services to Multicultural Populations has announced a Satellite Pre-conference in Vancouver , Canada , August 5-7, 2008.
Themed, “Multicultural to Intercultural: Libraries Connecting Communities”, this conference will explore models of practices of libraries in different multicultural environments.  The library needs of First Nations/Indigenous peoples will also be addressed in the conference.  In addition, there will be an examination of the changing demographics of our communities and institutions and the many challenges and opportunities that arise with cultural diversity.
The expected audience of the conference is information specialists providing services to diverse populations.
Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovative Library Services to Multicultural Populations
  • Successful Strategies in Library Services to Aboriginal/Indigenous Populations
  • Impact of Multiculturalism, Cultural Diversity and Changing Demographics on Library Services
  • Best Practices in Library Services to Students

Submissions: Send an abstract of approximately 500 words, in English no later than February 4, 2008 to Chrysalyn Tolentino at chrystol@vpl.ca

Attach brief biographical information of the author/s including their name(s), contact details, professional affiliation( s) and a short statement on their career(s). 

  • Successful applicants will be notified by mid-March, 2008. 
  • Papers accepted will be due no later than July 1st 2008. 
  • Papers should be submitted in English and be ready for publishing.
  • Papers should not be longer than 20 pages. 
  • A maximum of 30 minutes will be allowed for the presentation of each paper. 
  • At least one of the authors of the paper must present the paper.   The papers must be presented in English.

**Please note that the Programme Committee has no funds to assist prospective authors: abstracts should only be submitted on the understanding that the expenses of attending the Vancouver conference (including travel, expenses) will be the responsibility of the author(s)/presenter (s) of accepted papers.  Authors of accepted papers will receive complimentary conference registration.
For further information on the conference, visit the website at www.bcla.ca/ifla2008 (*under construction* ) or contact Michael Burris at execdir@bcla.bc.ca 


  • February 4, 2008: Deadline for submission of proposals.
  • Mid-March, 2008: Notification of acceptance of proposals.
  • July 1, 2008: Submission of full papers.